Wednesday, July 06, 2005

No Olympics for New York

Stepping outside the realm of entertainment and inside the political waters, I find out this morning that New York has lost it's bid for hosting the 2012 Olympics. As a New Yorker and a proud American citizen, I think it's a damn shame that the time and effort to make this happen was wasted because of poor planning and poor leadership on New York's part. The Bloomberg administration could have done a much better job by having all the chips in place before chasing their Olympic dream. Rudy Gulliani, where were you when we needed you? I am greatly disappointed as are most Americans. The only consilation is that Paris also lost out. Oh well.


Blogger Man said...

I agree but I'm a Bloomberg fan and so a bit biased. But I think that it was more the Bloomberg-haters who derailed the plans, also Bush not being there in person and not helping in anyway.
But yes Paris losing is great.

1:49 PM  

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