Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday Morning Fast Tracks August 15

Lots of anniversaries...40 years ago today, the Beatles appeared at Shea Stadium, thrilling over 50 thousand screaming fans. Sid Bernstein, 87 years old, was the famed promoter of the concert and recalls telling Brian Epstein (the Beatle's manager) he would pay him $10 for every unsold ticket...amazing....In 1939 on this date, The Wizard of Oz opened. Little did they know then it would become such a tremedous classic....In 1969, the Woodstock Arts and Music Festival began. Over 600,000 people convened on the tiny town of Bethal, New York in a peaceful assembly that will never be seen again. It closed out the age of Aquarious and brought in the truly eventful 70"s. Two decades of tremendous highs and lows for all of us who were there and remember.


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