Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Morning Fast Tracks August 29

Boy, what a fast summer! MTV Awards rocked Miami last night and it comes as no surprise another rapper (Surge Knight) is shot (in the leg). Give rap music their own awards. Violance and criminal activity will always surround this "so called" music so better to isolate it away from real music....Where is Stevie Wonder's new CD? Been waiting for months now...Bob Segar has a new release in the near future after a long absense...Can't wait to hear the "Cream" concert from London when it is released soon...With the price of oil continuing to climb, I want to see an all out search for alternate means for fuel. This is now beyond the "lets think about it" stage. Everyone should contact their congressmen and representitives to let them know how they feel. America must focus on America now.


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