Thursday, December 22, 2005


Mind you, I make my predictions from thoughts that have crossed my mind recently. Let's see what happens....

On one of the popular REALITY SHOWS, a tragic incident will occur and result in the serious or fatal injury of a contestant. This will make networks re-evaluate this concept and put a damper on furthur shows.
A former SENIOR POLITICIAN will pass away and the whole nation will mourn.
The WEATHER will once again be the major story for 2006 with July through September being the most tragic.
GAS PRICESwill begin to drop further with more oil available and hybrid cars becoming more common. Gasoline will drop below $2 a gallon in most places.
ELTON JOHN will seperate from his "husband" and result in a messy divorce.
A new FAST FOOD craze will sweep the nation. It will be a healthy snack filled with antioxidents.
A well known ACTOR will die in a plane crash.


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